Head Start – Enroll Now

Recruitment Process

Early Head Start and Head Start take applications all year. Head Start uses two weeks (for part year or school year programs) in March to start recruitment for the upcoming school year.  Recruitment includes children with disabilities and/or severe disabilities. Transportation is provided when possible. Poverty guidelines and eligibility selection criteria are used to select income eligible children for Head Start.

Information Needed for Recruitment:

  • Birth Certificate for child
  • Immunization Record for child
  • Proof of Income for the previous year
  • Medicaid or Insurance Cards
  • Social Security Cards for everyone in the home

Income Guidelines

Head Start Family Income Guidelines

Head Start
Children are eligible to enroll in Head Start if they are three by the school cutoff date (7/31).  After a child is enrolled, they will be allowed to remain in Head Start until they are eligible for kindergarten,

Early Head Start
When a pregnant woman is enrolled, the infant (after birth) is automatically enrolled in EHS as soon as an opening for an infant becomes available.  Children will transition from infant rooms to toddler rooms at 24 months and remain in their toddler room until they turn 36 months and are age eligible for Head Start.  Income must be re-verified at that time.

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