Home Repair & Rehabilitation

SCMCAA offers assistance in Home Repair and Rehabilitation to eligible households in areas of Weatherization, Repair/Replacement of Major Systems, Environmental, Accessibility, Code Violations, & Emergency Home Repair.

The purpose of the MHTF funds is to prevent homelessness, provide emergency housing assistance for individuals/families that may already be homeless or assist existing low-income homeowners with the repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of owner-occupied single-family home units.

Individuals/families must be income eligible.  These individuals/families must have a total income at or below 50% of the area median income (AMI) for the geographical area adjusted for family size.  However, preference will be given to individuals/families whose income total is at or below 25% AMI.

Income Guidelines for the MHTF Home Repair Program

50% Area Median Income

 1  $21,105
 2  $24,120
 3  $27,135
 4  $30,150
 5  $32,562
 6  $34,974
 7  $37,386
 8  $39,798


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